This Web Site belongs to Raymond Julien (Domaine du mélèze) and offers most information about keeping and breeding PIGEONS. 

 UNDER CONSTRUCTION SINCE 2012. Great amount of work done in 2016.

Since then, new items added almost every day.


From fanciers all around the world:


Hi Raymond ,  its good to see you putting together what other fanciers and vets etc. have put together.  Thanks for sharing this information it should be very helpful to all of us.  again thanks

Raymond way to describe it I like how you use links to guide us. This is very important I believe reason cause when we hear certain things we only retain a portion but when we have the tools they stay there always Great job Raymond. Keep up the great work

Great site!! Lots of work on your part Raymond! Thanks for what you do.........

I want to thank you for the very informative website you have created.  I would like to put a link on our site to yours. There is a lot of good information on your site. Thanks again.

 Very good website Raymond. I have been reading it most of the day...

Thank you Raymond, this website of yours is on my favourite's list, we appreciate the time and trouble you go to for the hobby both nationally and internationally.

Very good Raymond I have it on my Home Screen for future reference if needed. Thank You


Hi Raymond.... the site is very informative and I can only imagine how much work went into such a venture. Well done and then some...


Hello Raymond, Excellent site, wonderful information and thank you for your efforts. 

Hi Raymond, I will rememer your advise about asking question in group in future.
you are so kind and nice person with helping nature. just keep that going. and remember that you are helping lots of newcommer in this hobby which ultimately benifit these little souls. thanks

Hi Raymond,
   The web site is great. I know how much work goes into building one.
You do a lot for the hobby.

Raymond,  Just had a quick look and it looks very good on my first look.. I will have a better look later tonight.

Raymond, Your website I think is Excellent and I keep looking at bits each day. I am about to send out a Newsletter this week can I make reference to the site?

 Raymond,  im new member to the group, and i always read your
 posting very carefully as most of them deals with the diseases and
 medicine and that is most important for all the pigeon fanciers to
 know. you are doing good work. expecting same in future too.

Hello Raymond, Excellent site, wonderful information and thank you for your efforts

Raymond, J'espère que tout va bien. Je voulais te dire que je vais régulièremnet sur ton site. Il y a tellement de matériel, c'est incroyable. Ton idée de procéder par lettre alphabéthique est géniale

Bonjour Raymond ;

                          Merci pour ce travail colossal de ta part pour nous tous amateurs de pigeon de race ou non, jer vais lire tes découvertes avec le temps car il y a beaucoup a lire sur le sujet, un grand merci , les photos sont magnifiques, toute une job !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raymond . J'ai commencé à regarder le site que tu as créé, il est bien étoffé sur le sujet pigeon. Quoi qu'il en soit nous apprécions beaucoup tes articles mon ami.  Bravo !

All comments are welcome:



Raymond Tardy Très beau travail félicitation

Pierre Roberge J'adore.

 Bonjour Raymond,
Thank you for sharing this great stuff!
Jerry Sindelar

Gilles Boudrias Très bon site Raymond, excellentes références pour tout amateur expérimenté ou pas.

All you should know about pigeons

The objective of this site is to have all possible information about keeping and breeding pigeons with all pertinent information about them. Many items and articles come from the best vets or specialized breeders in pigeons. 

To all those that will visit this site:

It is to be noted that there are some content for every body:  young members, old timer and also for those who do not have any pigeon.

1-      Sometimes we, the older timer lose sight of the ‘simple’ things about pigeons that are important things for our juniors and those who are just starting out. So in thinking to them, we’ve many things on basic pigeon keeping and pigeon husbandry.

2-      There is lots of useful information for the older fanciers that lead the way for our juniors and for the use of themselves even if at times, it may only be refreshment.

3-      You will see that many important things have been added to try to interest those that might be tempted by the pigeon breeding like most of the pigeon breeds included. 


It is to be noted that the pigeons in this site aren't mine. They have been selected world wide and are among the best that exist.


C'est mon intention aussi d'avoir un grand nombre d'articles en français.

 Here is my jacobins that won best Jacobin in our November CPFA Classic show in 2015. From Clint Robertson stock!

1225 Cote des érables, Québec, Québec

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