I quite often have questions about pigeon abnormal eggs.

 Here is what I found to help in this situation.  First, I think it is quite important to know the reason behind such a problem,


An odd abnormal egg is not a concern and it is quite
common for hens to throw different shaped eggs with no

However a run of soft-shelled, rough shelled or
infertile eggs indicates a potential problem.

Causes :-

dietary insufficiency (esp. vitamins A, D3 & calcium)
uterine infections - suspect if eggs are rough shelled
or sludgy in appearance
organochlorines (DDT) produce thin-shelled, fragile
eggs - this is a continuing problem with birds of prey
in the wild but be careful what you use around your
ovary disease - will produce yolkless, small yolked or
infertile eggs
environmental toxins. There are many toxins that can
affect the hen resulting in lowered egg production,
early embryo death or weak chicks. Some common
examples include: crude oil, exhaust fumes, NICOTINE,
organochlorines and antibiotics containing
furazolidone' '

As you can see, nutrition is almost always the

Raymond Julien,


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