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As you all know, our pigeons are mad about peanuts and it is easy to tame them with a few of them. With this in mind, is it good to give peanuts to our pigeons?Peanuts contain 50% fat and close to 30% proteins. So it's easy to see that too much peanuts aren't good for them because of their high level of protein and because high levels of fat and high level of protein in the diet DECREASE the amount of fat the liver can produce. This is the reason peanuts should be given in moderation.


What I do that gives good result for me is that, about 3 days before the hatching time of the babies in a nest, I place 4 to 6 peanuts on the tablet of the coop. You should see each pair in the loft watching for their gift! When the babies grow, I add a few more peanuts on the tablet. At the banding time, they have about 10 peanuts and up until about a full hand of peanuts when the babies are have about 15 days old. When the babies are on the floor, I don't give any more peanuts on the tablet. At that age, when I inter in the loft and talk to my pigeons, (Yes, I always talk to my pigeons when I inter in my loft and you cannot imagine how tame they become then) the youngsters in the nest are all screaming to be fed peanuts.. At the age of 15 days, all babies are put on the floor even if the temperature is very cold. As many of you know, my breeding methods with my homers that raise other breeds act in a community family of feeders. All adults feed all the youngsters on the floor. (Please pay attention to this method as it takes years of selection of feeders to have success with it.) During the night, when it is very cold, you would be surprised to see all the babies on the floor gathering in a corner, altogether to warm up even more than in their own nest. When you have only one baby in a nest, in cold temperature the risk that the parents let him alone and that the baby dye in the nest is high but this never happen if the baby is with all others on the floor.


Back to peanuts…..LOL.. Very fast, those babies learn to eat and they also have their own peanuts on the floor, not too many of course… Yes, peanuts are very good for our pigeons but too many of them will produce more problems than good ones.


Is their many among you that give peanuts to their pigeons even if the cost of them is high?


Raymond Julien, Canada.


More about peanuts.. Here is more information of what Dr. Talaber tells us about peanuts: ‘’I believe in nutritional moderation, especially with grains like peanuts that are high in protein and fat (but with very low levels of carbohydrate). While I would agree with their use in a BREEDING ration, I think that the level of peanuts used should complement the other grain so that an overall of about 18% protein is achieved in a breeding ration. ‘’ You also have to remember that peanuts should never be fed in a mixture with other seeds. The fastest pigeons will eat too much of them and it will result in a bad ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate.  The right time to give them is after their own meal. 


Raymond Julien,Canada




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